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2020 Trends in Project Management Series - Introduction

The year 2020 has been unique and challenging to say the least! The impacts have touched everyone on the planet.  We are all exposed to the risks associated with a deadly Corona virus outbreak and the resulting physical, emotional, and financial impacts. We are experiencing travel restrictions, physical and social distancing, mask wearing, remote and flexible work arrangements, business closures, heightened racial tensions and enforced government lockdowns. The list goes on. This has all led to heightened uncertainty, volatility, and an accelerating pace of pervasive change.

These challenges have come at a time when project managers were already facing fast paced, increasingly complex and tightly integrated business environments in which they have been required to deliver project results more quickly and effectively.

Compounding this unprecedented combination of challenges are several emergent and growing disrupters. They include:

  • Pervasive influences of Social Media
  • An accelerating Digital Transformation
  • The Gig Economy
  • Extensive interconnections enabled by the Internet of Things
  • Rapid advances in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Growth in Big Data analytic capabilities

These emergent disrupters are both hinderances and opportunities. Project Managers are being challenged to deliberately address the risks and exposures presented by these disrupters and at the same time turn them into opportunities.

Project Managers need the ability to recognize how these environmental challenges and disrupters are affecting their project teams and the clients they are serving. Armed with this insight, project managers need to make decisions and take actions that will enable them to be successful despite the negative impacts of these factors.

So…what is the Project Management community doing in response to these challenges?

The top 3 trends in Project Management in 2020 that are enabling Project Managers to succeed in a business world that is being impacted by the current turmoil are:

1. Cultural & Emotional Intelligence

2. Hybrid Project Delivery

3. Application of Technology to project delivery

Join us for our week-long blog series - we will provide a deep-dive into each of these three trends every day this week, and we will end the week with our conclusions on the impact these trends will have for project managers. Check back in tomorrow, we will take you through Trend #1: Cultural and Emotional Intelligence.


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About the author:

Salman is a certified Project Manager with 15+ years of experience in the IT Industry, including business and technology Project/Program management and consulting experience with large scale enterprises in multiple industries. Salman has managed large, complex, and cross functional projects and programs for public sectors and leading global corporations/banks. He is well versed using Agile, Scrum and PMI methodologies and processes. Outside of work, Salman is deeply involved in community service and serves as chair of the World Partnership Walk (Canada’s largest Private Fundraiser) in Saskatchewan; and he is very passionate about playing Table Tennis and Cricket.

Brian Sulzer is a Senior Management Consultant with extensive and rich experience in a wide range of disciplines and technologies. He has successfully delivered many business modernization and technology solutions with his clients. Since 1995, he has focused on SAP project, program, and portfolio management. His expertise includes business strategy, project planning and execution for results, enterprise architecture, change management, business transformation, and modernization. Brian enjoys playing golf, long rides on his road bike and visits with his grandchildren on FaceTime. Brian is an avid community builder through his volunteer work on his neighborhood Liaison Committee.

To chat with Salman or Brian about this blog or our Project Management Services, please contact us.

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