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Strategic IT Assessment Offering

Strategic IT Assessment Offering

Are your IT teams tied up in never ending projects and supporting day to day operations?  Do you wish you had time just to focus on the future and outline a path to meet your own IT and business goals and those of your customers?  Are you tired of watching your competitors launch new systems and products and wonder how you will stay ahead?

A Solvera Strategic IT Assessment can get you started on creating your own IT plan, vision and roadmap to the future to set you on the way to be more responsive, more competitive and meet your IT and business goals and objectives.

What does a Solvera Strategic IT Assessment deliver?

The strategic IT assessment service offering provides you, our client with a repeatable, right sized approach to obtain an IT strategy or plan that allows you to improve your business and meet your own strategic goals and objectives.  We deliver the assessment in five easy to understand steps that include:

Step 1: A description or assessment of the current state and IT area under review 

Examples of this type of assessment can include an application portfolio assessment, a data storage and management assessment, an IT Governance assessment, or an IT infrastructure review. This section can be tailored to whatever part of IT that you wish to include as part of the assessment.

Step 2: An analysis of issues, opportunities, and future needs 

This section is gathered from interviews with your key stakeholders, allowing you to gain insights into key concerns that are within the IT area under examination and what the future expectations are for capabilities that you need to provide to your business and IT stakeholders. 

Step 3: An examination of industry trends

Solvera will provide an overview of current industry trends in the IT area under examination. Then those IT trends that are most relevant to your industry and IT landscape are detailed and highlighted.

Step 4: A gap/fit analysis

A gap/fit analysis is performed that identifies the key elements in your current environment that are constraining or preventing you from moving IT ahead to meet the goals and objectives for your business stakeholders. This analysis also identifies those products and services in your landscape that are “working fine” as you move your IT team and the business to the future.

Step 5: The creation of IT Plan and set of roadmaps

An IT plan and set of roadmaps are crafted that move your IT team and business team from where you are today to where you need to be. 



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About the author:

Mike Schenher is the Director of Consulting Services at Solvera. As an Enterprise and Solution Architect he has been imagining ways to help clients achieve their IT and business objectives for over a decade.

To chat with Mike about Solvera's Strategic IT Assessment Services, please contact us.

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