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Say Aloha to .Net MAUI

At Solvera Solutions, we are seeing a common trend in the marketplace for architects and chief technology officers across all types of organizations and industries: the need to deliver robust applications in an ever-evolving world of expectations. Today’s business users require access to their data on multiple platforms both in, and away, from the office. This expectation can be costly with .NET applications, as it requires multiple technologies, projects, and extra time to deliver.

Fortunately, Microsoft is developing a new technology, announced at their Build 2020 conference in May - they’re calling it .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI).

.NET MAUI is an evolution and integration of the Xamarin and .NET development platforms that will allow solutions to be built with a single code base and the ability to be deployed to any device (including MacOS). MAUI will be able to leverage native capabilities of the target device such as mobile, desktop OS and web specific hardware features. The new framework will facilitate a consistent user experience providing brand recognition and optimal usability, along with a holistic development consistency to provide convention for both server and client code.

MAUI Overview (source: Microsoft)

MAUI is aimed at supporting modern, best-practice development patterns such as Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and the newer Model-View-Update (MVU). Both will deliver the same native applications, performance, and platform fidelity. Organizations will be able to choose which style best suits their preference and the patterns they’ve invested in. MAUI will be compatible with Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio for Mac, and Visual Studio Code.

General availability for .NET MAUI is targeted with .NET 6 in November 2021 but be on the lookout for .NET MAUI previews later this year. Check out the MAUI GitHub roadmap for more information on timelines.

As Microsoft closes in on its dream of a ubiquitous framework .NET client application development, developers will certainly look forward to saying aloha to .NET MAUI.

About the author:

Brydon Zahn is a Senior .Net Consultant with 15+ years of experience in the IT industry. As part of the Solvera Solutions team over the last 9 years, he has been a part of numerous large, complex projects with Solvera clients including Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. Brydon is Microsoft certified, and trained in business and information systems and interactive media design. Active in the IT community, Brydon is a leader in SaskPolytech’s ‘Plan, Program, Play’ youth code camp.

To chat with Brydon about MAUI and other Microsoft Development news, please contact us.

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