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How the SAP Fiori Overview App will Simplify Your Life

Part 1 in the Fiori Overview Series

With ever changing technology advancements, enterprise business platforms like SAP contain an astonishing amount of data in various modules. Lots of data is great – but it can sometimes be challenging for users to access the most critical data they need quickly.  

Did you know that the SAP Fiori Overview Application can help you solve this problem?

Designed with user experience in mind, the SAP Fiori Overview Application provides a quick and efficient way to monitor business situations with dynamic data that is based on user roles.

If you haven’t used the SAP Fiori application, read on - I will walk you through the capabilities of the Fiori Overview Page.

Take a look at the image above, providing an example of how the SAP overview screen can work for a Sales Representative. You will see that it shows aggregated data from various Fiori on a single page using an easy-to-read card layout. With this overview screen, the Sales Representative was able to get critical business information relevant to them - all on a single page. It also provides filters and navigation to the related Fiori app to get more information (more on that a little later).

There are two important sections of the overview screen.

Smart Filter:

Located at the top of the overview page, Smart Filter has an 'expand and collapse' feature. When a filter is applied it filters data for all cards on the current page. For example, we can see that in the currency field we have selected CAD which applies to all cards.


There are different types of standard cards available for the overview screen – these can be selected based on the information you want to see. Apart from the standard card type, you can create a custom card that fits your unique requirements. (For example, a card with a map or other visual graphic.)

You can customize the default card size, and depending on the card content, you can change the height and width of a card. Use the drag and drop feature to change the position of the card so you can see what you want where you want.


Let’s take this example a step further and look at a standard Fiori Sales Management overview. This is a good example of how the Overview Page can help its user focus on the most critical items – in this case, the user is a Sales Manager.

Once the Sales Manager logs in to the Fiori application, she will be able to see the sales management overview tile in the Fiori launchpad. After clicking the tile, she will navigate to the overview screen shown in the image below.

After having a quick look at the Overview Page, it becomes easy for the Sales Manager to identify the most critical items needing attention, and she can dig further to investigate and identify the underlying problem, or simply monitor the status of work. We can see the card named “Incomplete Sales Documents” below, which shows a total of 12 documents grouped by category.

The Sales Manager clicks on the “Inquiry” category (as highlighted above), and navigates directly to the “Incomplete Sales Documents” Fiori application. As she navigates to this application, the ‘Document Category’ filter intuitively pre populates to show only the “Inquiry” related data.

Using the Overview Page, the Sales Manager was able to get from the Fiori Launchpad to the critical business data in just two easy mouse clicks. Without the Overview Page, she would have had go to separate Fiori application to access the business data she needed to determine action items.

The benefits of the Overview Page are tremendous

On a single page, users can see their relevant business data and quickly and effectively prioritize action items with minimum user action. 

If you'd like to get hands-on and see it in action, you can activate the Sales Management Overview application in S/4HANA.  Get the installation guide here: https://fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com/sap/fix/externalViewer/#/detail/Apps('F2601')/S17OP).

Stay tuned for my next blog - I will walk you through the creation of a custom Overview Page using Fiori elements. 

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About the author:

Gaurav Kumar is an SAP Consultant with 8 years of experience working on SAP User Interface and Analytics. He has worked on custom SAP Fiori applications and custom SAP UI5 applications for Solvera’s energy and utilities clients. Before joining Solvera, Gaurav was a developer with SAP Labs on Fiori and Business Bydesign UI/Analytics. Gaurav is an SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP S/4HANA Cloud and also the winner of SAP Labs India quarterly innovation award. Gaurav is interested in Data Science and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree from the University of Calgary. In his spare time, Gaurav enjoys hiking and wildlife photography.

For more information, connect with Solvera’s SAP Solutions team, contact us.

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