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Outstanding Customer Experience - give your customer support agents the tools to make the difference!

Has digital transformation been at the forefront of your mind?  You are not alone - COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years, speeding the pace of digital transformation.

There are many factors to consider when contemplating your digital transformation – breaking down organizational silos and integrating or replacing legacy technologies, streamlining processes, improving employee experience & productivity, and enhancing Customer Service Management (CSM) to create an outstanding user experience.

Addressing CSM in your transformation will enable a better response to modern CSM trends including adapting to changing customer needs and expectations, increasing for the adoption of online self service, and increasing the use of advanced technologies in business decision making.

A big part of offering exceptional customer experience is enabling support agents to effectively help your customers. But do your customer support agents have the support and knowledge they need?   

Surprisingly, recent research shows that

  • More than 50% of customer support agents lack the knowledge to provide customers with a better experience
    • 70% of knowledge is not easily available, often in disparate systems
    • 27% ask other customer support agents for assistance
  • Almost 75% of customers frequently repeat themselves per inquiry
  • While 47% of customers spread the word about a positive experience, 95% spread the word about a negative experience

There is a direct correlation between support agent effectiveness and customer satisfaction – and this means that the support of your agents should be treated with equal importance to your customers’ experience.

You can support your agents’ effectiveness by focusing on a simple framework. An empowered customer support agent will provide maximum efficiency if they know:

  • what the customer is contacting the organization about regardless of the support channel
  • who the customer is (their previous inquiries/orders & volume, history)
  • how to solve customer issues through easy access to and understanding of the knowledge and processes that support consistent, high-quality service delivery that will result in high customer satisfaction scores (CSAT)

ServiceNow’s CSM suite incorporates all of these considerations and more. With ServiceNow’s latest version of CSM (San Diego), you will have access to a wide range of tools that will enable digital transformation and help support your organization’s agents.

San Diego provides improved CSM features for agents:  

  • Overview of agent performance
    • Identify knowledge or training gaps
    • Standardize performance
    • Recognize common trends and process bottlenecks
  •  Purpose-built workspaces for agents
    • Offer a unified engagement mechanism to the agents
    • Access to targeted tools and information for agents to access
    • Ability to show relevant knowledge materials in the workspace, without the need to look elsewhere
    • Provide modern user experience with tabbed browsing that can be personalized
  •  Playbooks for CSM
    • Allows streamlining and standardized delivery of services
    • Results in fewer inquiry bounces between agents or departments
    • Offers easy process adjustments on the fly to reduce process frictions
  • Enhanced, unified search experience delivering the most relevant search results to agents quicker
  • Mobile usability enhancements

Essentially, ServiceNow CSM allows you to tie the what, the who and the how together.

We have helped numerous clients implement business solutions using ServiceNow CSM, which allows them to be both customer-centric AND supportive of their agents. With this change, we have seen our clients greatly improve their customer satisfaction scores.

As an Elite ServiceNow Partner, Solvera’s experienced team can help you understand how you can use the power of ServiceNow to support your digital transformation efforts.

How can Solvera help?

  • CSM Jumpstart to get you started (accelerated implementation methodology aligned to best practices that will deliver quick wins).
  • ServiceNow upgrade assistance to unlock the power of the San Diego release.
  • Assistance with your organization’s customer service model, knowledge strategy & process re-engineering.

About the author:

Yev is a Solution Sales Executive who is passionate about addressing clients’ needs through the ServiceNow platform. Yev has deep experience gained through roles ranging from service desk team lead to escalation manager and has taken part in numerous consulting engagements, delivering value to clients. Always willing to chat over a coffee or a friendly ping pong battle.

To chat with Yev about ServiceNow Solutions, please contact us.

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